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Are you looking to explore new avenues for financial growth and stability? Welcome to the BLVCoin staking platform! We are pleased to introduce our network to crypto enthusiasts to offer an incredibly exceptional opportunity to stake your digital assets and earn passive income. Investing in staking on the BLVCoin Network platform enables you to

What It Is to Stake Coins at BLVCoin Network?

Blockchain technology has changed the way we think about decentralised networks, security, and money in recent years. One area that has gained significant attention is staking, a process that allows individuals to participate actively in blockchain networks while earning rewards. It is a feature of the BLVCoin that enables users to secure their digital assets in order to support network operations and gain tremendous daily rewards in addition to a huge final reward! Here are the features of staking coins at BLVCoin:

Each user is rewarded with 5x rewards with a daily reward of 1.5% for a time duration of 12 months.

Each user is rewarded with 8x rewards with a daily reward of 2% for a time duration of 18 months.

The BLV Network's coins must be purchased before users can stake their assets. A predetermined number of these coins are then locked up by the user for a chosen time period.

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Initial Token Offering (ITO)

Phase 1

Internal price


Supply Percentage


Supply Percentage

2,592,000,000 tokens

Phase 2

Internal price


Supply Percentage


Supply Percentage

1,555,200,000 tokens

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Monitor and Redeem Rewards

Keep track of your staking progress and monitor your rewards in real-time. Easily redeem your rewards or reinvest them to compound your earnings.

Initial Supply & Maximum Supply

BLVCoin is a secure and user-friendly platform with robust protocols, enabling you to participate in staking and gain generous rewards. BLVCoin has an initial supply of 30 billion and a maximum supply of 1 trillion. With 5% supply burn every month, the coins will be under control by a burning mechanism.


You are eligible to swap if you purchase your coins with USDT currency.

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