About Us

Who Are We?

BLVCoin network is a decentralized blockchain platform designed to facilitate secure and efficient transactions.

We intends to give consumers a platform so they may buy digital assets to generate generous profits.

We aim to provide a platform for users to engage in peer-to-peer lending and borrowing of digital assets.

Users can participate without having any worries or concerns because of the transparency and security we offer.

As a staker on the BlVCoin network, you have the opportunity to capitalize on the network’s growth as well as earn massive rewards.

By contributing a profound role in at staking platform, you align your interests with the success of the network.

Earn Rewards on Staking!

Stake as many BLV coins as you wish and receive generous rewards in return. We provide members of our community with competitive staking rewards, giving you a stream of passive revenue that increases over time.

The staked coins are kept in escrow and cannot be accessed until the staking period is over or certain requirements are satisfied.

The users are eligible to receive the promised daily rewards until the lock-up period ends.

Each user is rewarded with 5x rewards with a daily reward of 1.5%Each user is rewarded with 10x rewards with a daily reward of 2.5% for a time duration of 24 months. for a time duration of 12 months.

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Why Choose Us?

These are the benefits that we will provide you.

Passive income

You can earn huge amounts of incomes by staking your coins without actively trading or mining cryptocurrencies at our staking platform. Your BLV coin will be generously rewarded for your stake as we strive to provide our members with highest staking rewards.


Staking helps secure the network by requiring users to hold coins in a wallet. The security and integrity of your staked assets are guaranteed by the rock-solid blockchain technology that’s the foundation of our network. In addition, we have incorporated cutting-edge security features in our website to protect your privacy.


You have the option to decide how many coins to stake in accordance with the time period and rewards. Thanks to staking offered by BLVCoin, you have more influence over your investment approach.

User-friendly Interface

Our user-friendly interface makes staking seamless and accessible to everyone. Our platform provides a smooth and easy user experience, leading you through the full staking process whether you're a novice or an experienced user.


Community is at the core of all we do at BLVCoin Network. Join a thriving and encouraging group of people who share your enthusiasm for blockchain and staking. Share expertise, take part in conversations, and learn from other stakeholders' insightful opinions. By interacting with other users, you can gain knowledge from their experiences.