Coin Rewards

What is a BLV Coin?

BLV Coin is a community-reward coin deployed on the BFIC Blockchain. By staking BLV coins on the network, individuals contribute to a decentralized ecosystem that incentivizes and rewards positive actions. Users not only promote and support the blockchain technology, but also earn additional coins as a reward for their participation. BLVCoin has a maximum supply of 30 billion and will use a gradual supply burn mechanism to increase its intrinsic value. Users can get their first reward cashed out after 30 days.

Earn 5x, 8x, or 10x Rewards on Staking BLV coins!

5% Supply Burn

Burning mechanisms will be used to control of BLV coins. The initial supply will be burnt by 10% per month.

How BLVCoin Network Works?

BLVCoin works to open up staking to a larger audience. The platform makes the staking process easier for both beginners and experts by providing user-friendly interfaces, clear dashboards, and thorough guidance. Our network also supports a number of digital assets, enabling users to stake a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The staking platform allows you to keep track of your staking progress once your coins have been staked. Keep track of your rewards, the length of your stakes, and other pertinent data.

You should be aware that staking has a locking time during which your coins are locked and cannot be exchanged or transferred. Depending on the staking strategy you chose, this period varies.

So, prepare to hold your tokens until the end of the staking period.

Make your Tree Bigger to Earn Bigger!

By staking with us and engaging in the network’s consensus mechanism, you actively contribute to the development and success of the blockchain network. Merchants promote the value of BLV coins and the adoption of cryptocurrency within the network.

On the other hand, sub dealers work under the guidance of the merchants to participate in the distribution and sale of BLV coins. This aids in the continuity and stability of the network while rewarding the users with significant profits over their holdings.